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Old Fashion Mental Clutter

When was the last time you said to someone, “I am so busy right now” or “ I am flat out, theres not enough time in a day is there”? Everyone is ‘busy’ these days.
I don't like the word busy. Busy is not productive. What it actually means, in modern day Britain, is you have far too much ‘to do’ at the same time and are not focused on one particular job, project or task. 
One analogy I could use is being busy in the kitchen cooking four different meals at once. You are darting form one side of the kitchen to the other. Don't let that burn! The saucepan is boiling over! You have forgotten the salad! What time did you put the meat in the oven? 
Why have you put yourself in this position? None of the four meals you are busily preparing are likely to be the best dish you have ever made. Easy solution: Cook one meal for four or cook one meal at a time. Said like that it seems ridiculous but what you may not realise is that you do this everyday. 
The problem is the same as before. Don'…