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A Written Monthly Budget

We don't hear about this enough I think. A monthly budget should be apart of every household and I would even be bold enough to suggest that budgeting should be in the school curriculum. Millennials these days have literally no idea how much money is leaving their accounts each month. Counterintuitively, they always seem to know when, and by how much, they are paid each month. 
Don’t believe me? Try asking a millennial how much they got paid last month. Most will be able to tell you the exact number, sometimes to the penny (or cent). Now ask them how much they spent last month. They may even grace you with a blank stare before reposting, “I don't know exactly how much but I know I'm okay.” This is exclusive evidence that millennials know how to spend money blindly but no idea how to budget. 
Health warning: Asking someone about their wage is considered rude in Britain.
I would also ask you the same thing. Do you know how much is going out? Are you forever getting surprise ove…